Children and Education


The exposition of Pleven Regional Historical Museum presents the rich historical development of that region from the remote past to present days, its geological past, the flora and fauna of Northwest Bulgaria. The authentic exhibits are of significant cultural, historical and artistic value, and their thematic and chronological display gives opportunities for developing various programmes and organizing activities for visitors different in age and education, mostly students. As necessary and useful addition to the curricula in history, national geography and history, literature, arts, botany, zoology, biology and ecology, the museum offers educational classes as:

lectures-fairy tales Easter eggs
  • familiarization lecture “Hello, Museum” for pre-school children and first graders.

  • lectures-fairy tales - a combination of a folk tale and exhibits, thematically related to the tale (e.g., “The daughter of the herdsman” by Angel Karaliichev is presented in “Ethnography” halls.

  • thematic lectures - a basic form of working with students.

  • Practical lessons with students are another form of work in Pleven Historical Museum.

  • ethnographic workshops take into consideration the seasons and the related folk traditions, whose roots are kept to present days.

  • Exhibitions are arranged with the sourvaknitsas, martenitsas, and Easter eggs made by children, and the best “Exhibits” win prizes.

  • “green schools” - classes related to nature research and ecology are conducted in nature reserves and protected nature areas.

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