Welcome to Regional Historical Museum in Pleven

I am pleased to say “Welcome” to you on the Pleven Regional Historical Museum internet page. No matter how you came to open the page, purposefully or by accident, I hope you will take the opportunity to get acquainted with one of the biggest museums in Bulgaria that has some of the richest collections of the country.

On behalf of the museum management and the whole museum staff I thank you for that electronic visit and invite you to come to Pleven and see the museum on the spot. I can assure you that you will rest satisfied, because you will have the great chance to get into direct contact with cultural monuments of the past from four civilizations, having high artistic and historical value, and unique specimens coming from millions of years ago, giving evidence for the evolution of the organism world by the richness of the flora and fauna of Danube plain.

Director Sonia Stoikova

e-mail: plevenmuseum@dir.bg

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